Hanging with Gerard

It is a lovely, sunny, Spring Sunday. Gerard is performing yoga, as he likes to do. He is a funny fish, with a lot of personality. Gerard is two years old and is a Golden Albino Axolotl. I adopted him in late 2019 and have loved him as my own, even though he’s not my biological child (shhh, don’t tell him)

Axolotls are lovely little fellows. They eat worms and love garlic oil. They are very interactive – Gerard likes to squeak at me when he is hungry, or will ‘float’ to pretend he is dead if he feels neglected. I keep him near my desk so he can watch me work. He does believe all paintings should be of him.

Today he is stretching and holding onto his plants. He is very pleased with his fingers and toes to grasp things and uses his tail for stability. He likes having toys in his tank, and plays games burying his dinosaurs and plants. He also enjoys climbing on his TARDIS and Dalek. Even fish like Doctor Who!

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